OJS Website Design Pricing 2023

The name The cost, $ The Unit
Installing the standard version of OJS 3 (or version 2 as you wish) and adding general information about the academic journal. $500 1 site
Site update on OJS $250 1 site
Uploading an article to the site * $4 1 article
Adding an issue to the site ** $2 1 issue
Setting up DOI in OJS to work with CrossRef *** $50 1 site
Upload DOI $1 1 DOI
Design development $400 1 site
Improvement of the site on OJS / fixing of software errors $40 1 hour

* For each article, a basic minimum will be uploaded: title, authors, abstracts, keywords, references, PDF articles.

** For each issue, download the full PDF of the issue, title, year, issue number, etc.

*** DOI setup for the possibility of further uploading DOI for articles or issues to the CrossRef.